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This company saved my crepe myrtle trees. They had a fungus that was killing them. Two treatments and they are beautiful!!...THANK YOU Legacy Tree and Landscape. You truly are specialists!!!

Gail W.

Just saw a Legacy Tree and Landscaping Truck.. When you need help with sick trees these guys are the best.. a few months back ya’ll help us save a tree in our yard, it is doing great.. Thanks again...

Chris S.

Legacy Tree & Landscape is a great company to give your trees and lawn the care they need. They are very knowledgeable and will help identify potential problems before they get out of hand. Highly recommended!

Matt B.

Mosquitoes were taking over and one application solved the problem for a month and still working. Thanks Randi.

Brad Poulos

Awesome and professional service!

Mike Barron 

Outstanding customer service. All their staff is thoughtful and kind.  They pay attention to detail.

Cathy Mordecai

The BEST and most knowledgeable company for your yard and trees around. Very professional, courteous and trusting. Would not want to use anyone else!!

Melanie Day

We've called Ft. Worth Tree & Pest Specialists (Legacy Tree & Landscape Specialists) out twice for different issues.  They were very friendly and knowledgeable.  Each time they arrived right on time, took care of our problems right away and were very reasonably priced. Great company.  I highly recommend them!

Sherry Buchanan Knight

They go above and beyond!!

Carly Dumas

We have partnered with Fort Worth Tree and Pest (Legacy Tree & Landscape Specialists) for years, both as a customer of theirs and a customer of our business. Your Oak trees could not be in better hands!

Amanda Scott

I’ve used these guys for years to consult us on our trees. They have fertilized and protected oaks that were struggling on our property with great results. I highly recommend Legacy.

David Hooper

We are so happy with the results we received after they sprayed the grasshoppers that were destroying our plants.  They are so knowledgeable and helped us purchase the right kind of oak trees for our yard.  I highly recommend their services.


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